Sintia Alpiu Slenis in her first dog show Parachin ,Serbia won BEST BABY and 1st place BIS BABY. Congratulations ,owner Iva Deneva, and thank's for the photos!!!

This weekend we were in the dog show in Tauragė. When we got terrible news that our puppy Big Paws is very weak and almost dying because of Babesia disease. From the dog show we went straight to the clinic where was our little boy. He needed a blood transfusion and we had a perfect donor with us, his mother Berta. The transfusion went very well if it would be needed we had Kardinal ready as the next blood donor. 
But "Big Paws" got better after transfusion and the next day he started to get well very rapidly. So happy, that we were able to help our Big Paws!


Our girl Sintia Alpiu Slenis went to the Bulgaria, to her new family. There are two other Bernese mountain dogs and she adapted to them very quickly. She is called now Indiana. She will start her work as therapy dog. I am sure she will be very succesful. Thank you, Iva Deneva for the beautiful pics!


Our bred boy Mauras Alpiu Slenis became CLUB WINNER 2011! The judge Juan Naveda Carreo. He got excellent, CAC, Best Male and Club Winner. 
He repeated his last winner, when he also was Club Winner the year before. 

 The next day in CACIB dog show. He got excellent, CAC, BEST male, CACIB and BOB!