We are very tierd after the dog show marathon and are taking a short vacation at home with our beloved dogs. This is the best holiday for us :)

Again we come back to home with VICTORY!!! 2011.08.20 were  CAC dog show in Sakiai Lithuania ( judge N.Zenienė). Funny Banny BelPorto in open class - CAC ,BOB, BEST IN GROUP 4.  Romeo Alpiu Slenis -BOB Baby, babyBIS - 5  !!! We are very proud and happy.

Our dogs Funny Banny BelPorto( Kardinal) and Romeo Alpiu Slenis went first time 2011.08.14 to speciality,II group dog show in Riga, Latvia (judge Ilona Onstenk-Schenk Nytherland). Kardinal got his first Latvian CAC, Romeo won baby BOB  and baby BIS1 Thanks to Ramona Mironava for nice pictures.

We visided with Romeo Alpių Slėnis his father Flame of steal From Orsina's Land, who temporarily lives in Ryga (Latvia). Roemo is growing and becoming more and more like dad Flame. We are very proud of him.

Our Roxy went to live in America. Her trip was so long and complicated. In Germany airport documents were mixed and puppy was sent to Los Angeles instead of Chicago. Trip took about 16h. Roxy hold well in trip and with big joy met  her new owner Carri. She is happy in new family, has new friends cats, horses and older Berner montains dogs. Thank you,Carri, for love, care and new Roxy's photos. About Roxy's life in America you can read more in website "Holiday Bernese Mountain dogs"