We are going back from the dog show in Siauliai. Our dogs were fantastic!
Algrand Berni Vashington - excellent 1/3, CAC
Odri Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/6, CAC, BOB
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/8, JN, Best Junior.
Our Shih-Tzu Mendelssonh Pumilo (Mishka) - excellent 1/3, JN, BOB

The last weekend we went to International dog show in Latvia -
"LATVIAN WINNER 2014". The judge Svante Frisk (Sweden)
Zorel Alpiu Slenis (10 months old) - excellent 1/6, Latvian Junior Winner 2014, JCAC, Best bitch 3
Agrand Berni Vashington - very good. 

The second day, 3rd March. The judge Anatoly Zhuk (Belarus)
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/5, JCAC, Best bitch 4
Algrand Berni Vashington - excellent 2/6

International dog show in Minsk (Belarus). Algran Berni Vashington the first day got excellent 2. The second day he got excellent 1, CAC and became the Champion of Belarus (BY CH). We are proud of our boy.


We had very hard and succesful weekend. 
On Saturday we went to the International Dog Show (CACIB) in Talin (Estonia). Here Algrand Berni Vashington was the first male out of three males, but in comparisson we lost to the dog from Finland.

The next day we had two dog shows in Saint Petersburg. 
There were speciality dog show for the BMDs and 99 Bernese mountain dogs entered. Algrand Berni Vashington got excellent 3, Vittoria Alpiu Slenis was the only puppy who got very perspective out of six female puppies.  The judge Svante Frisk from Sweden. 
The same day in the CAC dog show Algrand Berni Vashington  got Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and become Champion of Russia

Two dog shows 25-26 January in Kaunas. 
The first day "Kauno Ziema 2014"
Algrand Berni Vashington - excellent 1, CAC
Verona Alpiu Slenis - very promising 1/3
Orsa Alpiu Slenis - excellent 4/10
Ovacija Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/10, the Best Bitch and BOB

The second day "Kikos Taure 2014". The judge Sonia Philippou Kelveri (Kipras)
Verona Alpiu Slenis - very promising 3
Venecija Alpiu Slenis - very promising 4
Urika Alpiu Slenis - very promising 2