We are proud to announce, that shih-tzu puppies are already here! We have 7 puppies -  three girls and four girls. More info in shih-tzu present litters. 


Mendhelsson Pumilo has participated in the club dog show in Silute on 28 and 29 June. He was very succesful! The first day Mendhelsson Pumilo in the open class got Excelent 1, CAC and W under judge Aleksandr Shishkin (Belarus). The second day the judge Marija Verbitskaja (Belarus) also picked out our boy as Excelent 1 in open class, CAC, W. 

All breeds dog show in Palanga on 7th June 2014. The judge Wenche Eikaseth (Norway).
Our girl Vittoria Alpiu Slenis in junior class go excelent 1/3, JN.
Our Shih-Tzu Mendhelsson Pumilo excelent 1, JW, Best Junior, Best Male, and BOS. Mishka also closed Lithuanian Junior Champion!!!


The three days and the three international dog shows (CACIB) in Moletai (Lithuania) 23, 24 and 25 May 2014

23rd May. 
Algrand Berni Vashington - excellent 1 out of 5 dogs, CW, CAC and Reserve CACIB under judge Beata Petkevica (Latvia). By this win he finished Lithuanian Champion and also closed Latvian, Russian and Belarussian titles of Champion!
Odri Alpiu Slenis - excellent 3 in open class
Ovacija Alpiu Slenis - excellent 2 in open class
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1 out of 6 junior bitches, Best Junior
Verona Alpiu Slenis - excellent 2 out of 6 junior bitches. 


24th May, the dog show "Baltic Winner 2014". The judge was Satu Yla - Manonen (Finland). 
Algrand Berni Vashington - Excellent -1/6 in the open class, CACIB, BEST MALE, BOS! Baltic Winer 2014!!! Thank you to the hendler Olga Zilotina!
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/6, BEST JUNIOR, CACIB, BOB, Baltic Winner 2014!!!
Verona Alpiu Slenis - excellent 2/6 in the open class
Odri Alpiu Slenis - excellent 3/6.
Ovacija Alpiu Slenis - excellent 2/6.
We are very proud of our dogs!


25th May, the judge Svend Lovenkjaer from Denmark.
Algrand Berni Vashington- Excellent 3/4 ( hendler Olga Zilotina)
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/6, JCAC, BEST JUNIOR (hendler Olga Zilotina)
Ovacia Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/5 in open class, CAC, R. CACIB 
Odri Alpiu Slenis - excellent 4/5 in open class.

BMD speciality show. The judge Jens Utke Ramsing from Denmark.

Algrand Berni Vashington - excellent in the open class
Zorel Alpiu Slenis - excellent 2 out of 16 females in junior class
Urika Alpiu Slenis - excellent 4/16 in junior class
Venecija Alpiu Slenis - excellent 5
Odri Alpiu Slenis - excellent 4/9
Ovacija Alpiu Slenis - excellent 1/9, CAC, Best female, BOS. Congratulations to the owners!