We have made new photos of our new princess. She grows so nice and her coat is excellent! We are so proud of her.




The time goes so fast. Our Boggard is already a year old!


2015 June 13-14.
National Dog Show, Palanga, Lithuania
Our awards !!!!! Do you need anymore comments? :)

National Dog Show 2015 June13 Palanga, Lithuania
judge Viktoras Avtusko
Zorel Alpių Slėnis -- open class -- ex.1/4 , Best Female, BOB !!!! BIG 4, and Zorel finished her Lithuanian and Latvian Champion. Very proud of my girl!

19th April 2015 Dog Show CAC, Lithuania (25 BMD entered)
Algrand Berni Ilja Muromec Alpiu Slenis - junior class -ex.1, JCAC Best Junior, BOB! Junior Champion of Lithuania
Algrand Berni Valiant Defender -champion class - ex.1, CAC. Best Male!

18th April 2015 National Dog show, Siauliu Cup'2015. 
Judge Sergej Vanzha ( Slovakia )

Algrand Berni Ilja Muromec Alpiu Slenis -junior class -ex.1/7 JCAC, best junior, BOB (best of breed)
Algrand Berni Valiant Defender -champion class -ex.1/1 LT CAC