Our dogs who went over rainbow bridge. They will always be in our hearts.

 LT JCH, LT CH, LV CH, RUS CH, 3xJN, 2xBIG II 4, 14xCAC, 10xN, 4xBOB

Cesar Surprises Kensen

(Kwanita Bosley x Milbu Ciana)
2003 July 18- 2016 September 9

Cesar was my very first Bernese Mountain dog. He was the picture of my perfect BMD. But the time went, I got more knowledge, I met more dogs and I eventualy find out, that Cesar is not a typical BMD. He was the only one and unique! He was always near me, always ready for the next adventure. He loved travels, I had just to open the car boot and Cesar was already here. He had a great friendly personality, he loved all people equally and his joyful movement given smiles to everyone around.
He was a great companion dog and father of 9 litters from several countries. I miss him very much.

Barona Agluona (BERTA)

(Ambassador Valašske Slunce x Tekila Kalnarūtė)

18th February 2008 - 21st August 2015



Kamenskij Aljans Prosto Mechta

(Dyourbahler Klab Pier Sen Marten x De Anrit Zlata Ors) imp.Rusija 

10th August 2008 - 3rd May 2015


LT JCH, LT CH, LV CH, RUS CH, 3xJN, 11xCAC, 11xN, 2xBIG II 4, 4xBOB

Skarlet Bohemijos Žibutė

(Bady Vislavske Udolie x Hera Ze Zoo Olomouc)

12th November 2004 - 4th December 2010