Thank you for visiting our website. We would like to introduce ourselves. We are two friends and the love for the animals connects us. Together we take care of our animals, who are part of Alpiu Slenis kennel.  A little bit about us:

I am Andrina Tunaityte. I am 35+ year old woman, single without kids. I work part time at the veterinary clinic. All my life I was very strongly involved with animals. I had met my first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1995 in Germany  and fall in love with the breed, but it was a long time till I got my own Bernese. In 2003 I found the litter that I was looking for, it didn’t take long to bring the chosen puppy home. It was Cesar Surprises Kensen – handsome, joyful and extremely friendly male. He is the best dog that I ever had. And yes, at the moment that I am updating this “about us” part, Cesar is alive and well 12+ year old dog. 

After Cesar it was just a matter of time that I acquired my second Bernese - Scarlet Bohemijos Zibute. She was very successful girl in the dog shows too. The time went, I collected knowledge about Bernese breed, dogs breeding in general  and in 2007 bred the first Bernese litter in our kennel.  Since then we had 12 litters of Bernese dogs. We chose the studs very carefully and we get more and more experience with every litter. Today our puppies  live all around the world –  Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Russia, UK, USA, Australia, Latvia, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Chile, Ukraine, Germany and, of course, Lithuania.

I am very much in love with travels. I am the one that travel all around Europe and Asia to bring females to the males. I also don’t mind to deliver the puppies myself, but all interested in our puppies are welcome to visit our home. All our puppies grew out into beautiful adult dogs, and we have a lot of puppies who are successful in the dog shows. Because of it, we decided to add the section in our website to show you our puppies “at new home”.

There are 10 bernese mountain dogs today at our home and we have some dogs on co-ownership not far from our place.  

Andrina, January 2016

  Irina's part coming soon.